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Tap Students' Interests And Breed Success
by Christine Andrews-Angelo

During a recent school discussion between my first-grade son and I he declared, “We don’t do science and we should.” What I believe my son means is not enough time is spent doing science plus working with hands-on materials during school hours. His interests are not limited, as he enjoys visual arts very much and desires the same.

Therefore, Does anyone in government plan on helping students learn further, stay interested, and grow so they want to succeed in school?

I believe the government wants our students to focus and to be challenged; as a result, students grow to be successful which leads to our harmony. Therefore, government please help are students be leaders by giving them the tools to grow. Please, do not take from the children. Please do what is in the best interest of TODAY’s STUDENTS.

Why does education have to be problematical?

Published in Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. christine andrews-angelo, Letters to the Editor, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle; Dec 26, 2008; pg. A.17; Section: Speaking Out


There’s Is More To Standardized Tests
by Christine Andrews-Angelo

I found Dan Hall's piece "Ancient Symbol Can Inspire A School" to be inspirational.

It would be rewarding to find standardized tests of less magnitude. What does the outcome mean? Does a low score determinate the outcome of the students' future? Will the students be worthless and unsuccessful?

I wonder about the feelings of students who work hard at doing their best but repeatedly receive satisfactory results. Although, standardized tests results tell strengths and weaknesses, individuals who apply themselves and continually see negative results may feel they are a failure and stop caring and applying.

People are unique. Individuality is of great importance. Employers expect their people be team players, uniting all differences (personalities, heritages, strengths and weaknesses). The young need support and a nurturing environment to help them overcome their fears and personal difficulties so they become self-confident, finds happiness, and success in their future endeavors.

Therefore, I admire School Superintendent Richard Stein enthusiasm for the renovation of the Gates Chili High School and his way of drawing students' attentions into a friendly classroom. I believe the School's decorations (aquariums, etc.) will offer endless positive consequences.

I found art to be my passion and salvation because I struggled with most of my classes. I looked forward to art classes -- my comfort zone. I knew how to express my thoughts visually. I cannot imagine a school without an art room. Art gave me the courage and self-esteem I needed to succeed. I graduated with a bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in psychology, leading to a career of digital graphic design.

Above all, my husband and I try our best at helping our sons overcome their fears and personal difficulties so they may succeed in their future endeavors.

My career has given me the opportunity to meet unique people and be a team player -- to contribute my strengths and share my talents with gifted people. I desire the same fortune for the students.

Literally, what do you think about unconventional or innovative approaches to learning -- will it impair students learning or will it make for bright future successors and scholars?

Published in Gates-Chili Post. christine andrews-angelo, Gates-Chili Post; May 31, 2006; pg. A.11; Section: Letters


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